Giving USA: First Glance at the Foundation Numbers

Its 7:15 AM Eastern Time and with coffee in hand and high hopes in heart, I am taking a look at the just-released information from Giving USA 2013 report.  This may be a several part post as I digest information and I will share my observations as time progresses.

  • Foundation giving overall posted a 2.3% increase.  Back in 2010, I told any number o clients that I expected foundation giving to stay relatively flat after the 2009 decline.  That trend seems to be continuing.
  • Giving to foundations, adjusted for inflation, declined by 6.5%.  This figure is usually heavily-weighted toward family foundations and, given economic uncertainties, it isn’t surprising since those donors with a private trust (or two) may lack the liquidity to fund them at this time.
  • Giving by individuals posted a very modest (some articles this morning are using the adjective “weak”) gain.  Does this potentially place more stress on foundations in 2013 as cash-strapped charities look to diversify their giving?  Will this need for unrestricted support lead to more general support grants?

So, for your organization, how did your 2012 foundation giving fare:


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